ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites are located on the European side of the Bosphorus in Ortaköy, a popular cosmopolitan neighbourhood in Istanbul’s thriving Beşiktaş district. The suites occupy a commanding waterfront location, directly adjacent to the Bosphorus Bridge, facing Istanbul’s Beylerbeyi Palace. A constant flow of ferries and leisure boats fills the Suites’ terraces with the unique energy of one of the world’s busiest waterways.

Originally the residence of Anatolia’s Governor General, Beylerbeyi Palace was rebuilt as a summer residence for Sultan Abdülaziz on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus in 1860’s by renowned Ottoman architect Sarkis Balyan. So proud was Balyan of his palatial creation that he built his own yali on the European shore from which to cherish it. His restored yali is now part of the ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites. Beneath the ever-changing colors of the Bosphorus Bridge, ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites retain their unique standing on the strait.

Arranged as a lavish waterfront home, ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites bring together two cornerstones of Turkish culture -hospitality and heritage- and packages them as a gift for international aficionados and cosmopolitan sophisticates alike.

Welcome to the World of ARMAGGAN

The World of ARMAGGAN is devoted to develop and enliven the almost forgotten values of the deep rooted  Anatolian civilizations in Turkey. Located in the heart of Istanbul, ARMAGGAN was founded by Yalçın Ayaslı with the aim of bringing together the process of preserving cultural heritage with contemporary designs. With extensive research & development, Mr. & Mrs. Ayaslı formed a socially and environmentally conscious luxury brand covering contemporary design, art and hospitality under one generous roof.

The World of ARMAGGAN is home to ARMAGGAN Unique by Design store hosting jewelry, objet d’art, leather goods, naturally dyed textiles and home goods, ARMAGAN Art & Design Gallery supporting young artists rooted in Turkey and ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites guesthouse, a genuine boutique hotel that not only provides a sophisticated home away home experience in the heart of Istanbul, but also is a masterpiece of architectural heritage representing the enriching history of Istanbul.


ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites is home to an exceptionally valuable collection of pieces by artists whose works are the milestones of Turkish art. The collection selected for the mansions consists of artists representing every period of modern Turkish art, including names like Şeker Ahmet Pasha, Hoca Ali Rıza, Osman Hamdi Bey, İbrahim Çallı, Halil Pasha, Hikmet Onat and Fikret Mualla, as well as important works by contemporary masters like Adnan Turani, Komet, Muhsin Kut, Orhan Peker and the most influential names of their generations as Meral Değer, Dinçer Güngörür and Erkin Saygı&Ruhcan Topaloğlu.

As you explore the mansions which are enlivened with notable pieces such as Nuri İyem’s “Women,” “Magnolias” by İbrahim Çallı, Necdet Kalay’s “Views” and Adnan Turani’s “Woman Playing the Violin,” you will discover a different master of Turkish art on every wall.

In keeping with its residential concept, ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites offer every personalized home comfort one would expect from a refined city residence: from butler and laundry services...
In keeping with its residential concept, ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites offer every personalized home comfort one would expect from a refined city residence. ARMAGGAN Bosphorus Suites...
A distinguished and impressive atmosphere, exclusive features, impeccable service and a unique kitchen... ARMAGGAN Bosporus Suites is the place to meet and celebrate.